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Our vision
To be a leading bank with unique innovative, financial and banking solutions in conformity with our customers’ requirements and aspirations, walking together with our shareholders, customers and employees to develop the Syrian economy and society.
Our mission
We aspire to serve all segments of society, crossing borders to reach Syrian expatriates in order to develop and rebuild the national economy. We seek to be customers’ preferred finance bridge by creating new services and products that are suited to their financial and banking needs. We adopt advanced technological banking solutions, and deal with stakeholders with the highest degree of sophistication and transparency.
Shared Values
INTEGRITY: We maintain the highest levels of professionalism and ethics. CUSTOMER CARE: Our passion is to satisfy the customers by providing services with quality beyond their expectations. COURTEOUSNESS: Professional working environment supported by qualified and cooperative employees. FLEXIBILITY: Ability to find best banking solutions to achieve the objectives of our customers. INNOVATION: Boosting creativity and innovation for the purpose of achieving optimum results. LONG – TERM VISION: Mapping a promising future.
Investor Relations
Syria Gulf Bank is committed to upholding the highest levels of transparency, credibility, and disclosure when presenting data, financial statements, and performance indicators related to its operational activities, with the goal of providing a clear and accurate picture of the Bank to all stakeholders, including shareholders, depositors, and investors.
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